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If you're here, it's likely because you've been feeling like something is missing in your life. Perhaps you feel unfulfilled, lost, alone; like you are living someone else's life or following someone else's rules. I have also walked through this experience and discovered that true happiness need not depend on the outward circumstances of our lives. When the road becomes blocked by a mudslide, the map isn't enough. We need something that is not static. A map is a picture of what was. We need a guide, something not dependent on external circumstance to help maintain our bearings in the most turbulent of times. Spirited Living! is dedicated to showing you the source of this dynamic guidance, which rests in your heart’s deep knowing of what you are called to do. The navigation you need can be found inside. Let's connect so you can start living the life you are called to live today!

I have experienced the profound pain of not following my own heart. I spent years living by the rules that society set for me until I had an experience that forever changed the trajectory of my life. My father and father-in-law both reached the end of their lives only two weeks apart from each other. Upon their deaths, I found myself reflecting.

My father was a highly educated man and was expected to do well in the business world. My father-in-law had a blue-collar upbringing, and his gift was working with his hands. Despite the vast difference in their lives and lifestyles, both men died feeling angry, bitter, and unfulfilled. It had me curious, is THIS my fate, too? Is that all there is? Why are we here? It took me years to realize, these two men had bought into the rules, regulations, and the "shoulds," projected onto us all. And although I know they did their best, at some point they settled. Leaving them at the end of their lives bitter and unfulfilled, with their songs unsung.

I knew at that point that I could not die the same way, and thus, my life was forever changed!


I am a woman who was deemed “too much” and walked the painful path to living a life I love! I am a Consulting Hypnotist, play in the powerful realm of essential oils, and have many healing certifications. In addition to my professional qualifications, I believe in the healing power of playful, creative expression and regularly use this powerful tool to invite and inspire my clients to open to new possibilities. With all of this said, my most impactful wisdom comes not from my professional accomplishments but from the experience and learning life has afforded me (a.k.a. The School of Hard Knocks). I’m here to help you shift your experience much quicker that I did. I also channel the Pleiadians, Yesa, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary as well as the Faeries.


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I have three grown children and live in San Diego. I am playful, passionate, curious, love to read and travel. Being out in nature, walking on the beach, and girlfriend time brings me great peace. Music, the theatre, good food, and a glass of wine also add to the fun! I like new adventures as well, and I am always learning. I believe in infinite possibilities and the power of love.