Tired of Doing Everything Right and Still Not Seeing Your Desired Results?

I have been told that I am impatient in some areas of my life. For example, I am ready to really up-level my work and my personal life. I am ready to really make a difference in people's lives and enjoy mine in a totally new way. I have cleared the majority of my double-mindedness about moving forward and have gotten very clear about what I really want to experience. I have been listening for about 5 months, to a recording I made for myself... self-hypnosis... describing how I would feel as I live these desired experiences. Granted, I have made a lot of progress, but still not the results I expected. Bottom line, I feel like I'm doing everything right and still am not receiving the fruits of my labor. This is frustrating! My life does not reflect how I feel inside and what I am ready to be, do and have.

I was listening to a meditation from Deepak Chopra and Oprah in which they said that detachment is key, as Universal Intelligence knows what's it's doing. There is SO much I feel I don't know and I would love to have the larger, loft perspective, of Infinite Intelligence. So I asked to be shown the loft perspective in dream form. The answer came today in a dream where there was a huge computer screen in front of me where a video was playing. I pressed pause, but the computer did not respond. So, I pressed it again and again....., then I saw that I had caused more trouble, the video would no longer play at all, because I kept pushing the pause button. The message to me was this...

Decide what I want, take all necessary action steps, stay in the energy of receiving, and be flexible. I have not been detached. Insisting that it come right now only mucks up the works and delays things.

I journaled my impatience and frustration today and will continue to allow this expression so I don't muck it up again. It's important to honor the impatience and not stifle or judge it, so I can feel in the flow. It can be hard to detach from desired results and the timing of it's arrival. Honor your feelings and support yourself in a way that feels right to you. Today I journaled, used my essential oils, rested, wrote this newsletter, and then scheduled a massage. I am totally willing to receive, while listening to my body and my inner wisdom. I'm happy as I feel like I'm in the flow again, even if it's not yet reflected in my life. I trust and know, if I stay the course, the desired results will show up in my life. So, bottom line, I am choosing to be happy now, and not wait for my life to change in order to be happy. At least today, that seems to be the key.

dōTERRA Essential Oil:  

Whisper (Women's Blend), is the Oil of Femininity in the book Emotions and Essential Oils. Whisper helps to balance the blocked, imbalanced and irritable states of being. It supports us in being flexible, soft, and teachable.

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Lots of love to you and may you be


on your Journey. Beaming, Barbara

Barbara's work inspires people who are ready to live life on their own terms, recognizing they can have what they want, and are willing to do whatever it takes to realize their dreams, knowing the best is yet to come! She is an Amazon best-selling author, teacher and speaker, doTERRA Wellness Advocate and Intuitive Catalyst, having fun in this adventure called life.

Her passion is inviting people to live joyfully, and in good health, while no longer settling for the expectations others have set forth. Barbara's life experiences have given her the most valuable wisdom and knowledge she shares today. She also holds a degree with honors in Managerial Psychology, is a Certified Consulting Hypnotist through the National Guild of Hypnotists, with focused training in Emotional Freedom Technique, Neuro Linguistic Programming, and A Course in Relationship, as well as many other energy modalities. She uses a creative approach to suit each individual, and often uses doTERRA essential oils, Expressive Arts, EFT and so much more.

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