The Dance of Victory

'Your victory is in your preparation.' It's not about the event or the goal; it's about what you do to prepare for it. This is the prompt from last night's writer's group. So I'm sharing what I wrote.  Your victory is in your preparation. Life holds triumph for us all. How do you prepare for yours because each is different? Firstly, straight from the heart, what do you want to achieve? Can you describe it in all it's glory?   How does that make you feel? You see, we mostly want our victories for how it will make us feel. Emotions are the rocket fuel to your dream.   Are you willing to receive the bounty of your creations? Often we say we want something, but we are not quite ready to let it in.   Why not? What could be in the way?  Well, when you think of having your victory, right now, does it bring up any fear? As you ask yourself if you are ready to receive it now fully, what are the objections you hear or feel?   Your next step is to make peace with those objections.  Another aspect of this is Divine Timing. Believe it or not, sometimes preparation or action towards your goal is to trust and know it's on its way. It is like a finely choreographed dance, and you must be a willing, agile partner.  The key here is discernment, and that's where your intuition or gut feeling comes into play. Many people can tell you what your best next step is, but if you're not feeling it, then it's not for you. Each one of us is on our path, and each is different. Part of the journey is becoming your own expert and trusting that over all else.    These are crucial steps in preparation.   You see, it's not about one person winning and one losing. There is abundance for us all, and if it's not here yet? Well, that's ok! It's because you're not done yet!   dōTERRA Essential oil to assist you on your journey: 


Magnolia is calling you to reach to the Divinity that is inside each one of us to discern the truth written on our hearts and to follow that in love.

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Lots of love to you and may you be belssed on your journey.



Barbara's passion is to inspire people who are ready to live life on their own terms, recognizing they can have what they want, and are willing to do what it takes to realize their dreams, knowing the best is yet to come! She loves to activate and enhance the gifts of all of she connects with, celebrating the differences and uniqueness of every individual soul. Barbara is an Amazon best- selling author, Consulting Hypnotist, teacher amp; speaker, doTERRA Wellness Advocate and Clarity Consultant amp; Catalyst for Change, having fun in this adventure called life. Her passion is inviting people to live joyfully, and in good health, while no longer settling for the expectations others have set forth. Her life experiences have given her the most valuable wisdom and knowledge she shares today. She also holds a degree with honors in Managerial Psychology, is a Certified Consulting Hypnotist through the National Guild of Hypnotists, with focused training in Emotional Freedom Technique, Neuro Linguistic Programming, and A Course in Relationship, as well as many other energy modalities. She uses a creative approach to suit each individual, and often uses doTERRA essential oils, Expressive Arts, EFT and so much more.

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