A Better Way

Today I reached out to a woman to collaborate and play in the field of possibility. This sort of thing excites me because of the possible diverse outcomes. I have a big vision, yet many opportunities exist that I have not fathomed. A new door opens when another person brings their gifts into the arena, and together, you are open and curious to explore the options.

Fear also came up because it challenged me to get out of my comfort zone and do something new. For many, insecurity, doubt, questioning, and worry may be a barrier to new ideas, and if we allow it to stop us, new opportunities do not see the light of day.

You don't need to ignore the part of you that feels fear and resistance. You can speak to it and say I hear you; I honor you, I acknowledge you. I'm not taking any action right now, just playing here so you can quiet down. Thus, you do not deny your feelings.nbsp;

If you feel inspired to take action, see if there's a genuine reason for this fear, or is it an old pattern. If it's an old habit, love that part of you and say we're going to try something new together. It's safe to let go. It's safe to try something new. Handling your fear in this way is the true definition of self-care and an honoring way to live your life and navigate through change and transformation.

As you allow joy and fun to be your guideposts, along with inspiration and wisdom, you can't go wrong. I guarantee it.

dōTERRA essential oil to help you on your journey:

Wild Orange encourages our creativity, playfulness, and insoires limitless solutions while addressing the tendencies of being overly serious, rigid, and scarcity-minded.nbsp;

Lots of love to you and may you be blessed on your journey,


 Inspired Music: Into The Unknown

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