Discover The Lies Holding You Back From Your True Potential

I was listening to Byron Katie do The Work with two clients on Zoom. The theme of both inquiries built on each other. The first question was a woman who was so distraught because she felt she was not living up to her true potential. The second was an older man who thought he was not doing enough to help his partner, who lives separately from him during this time of the coronavirus.nbsp;

These inquiries hit home deeply for me as I have spent my life trying to support others and have felt like a total failure if they didn't receive my help or the results of the situation didn't turn out as desired. I always felt like I was not doing enough, and I was not responsible enough to meet their needs; thus, in my mind, I was not living up to my potential.

Somehow or another, I was always at fault. I deemed myself a failure based on outcomes over which I had no control and stories I was telling myself in my head.nbsp;

nbsp;Digging deeper, I uncovered the belief that "I am not enough!" WOW!!!

"I am not enough" was the driving force of my existence for the majority of my life without me being consciously aware of it.nbsp;

If things weren't turning out the way I would like, I amped-up my efforts, with all the best intentions, but I was coming from a place of fear and lack, rather than wisdom and inspiration. nbsp;

This spiral drove me, and I felt like I was on a hamster wheel, spinning endlessly, getting nowhere. It was the crux of my codependent behavior and powerlessness. How can one thought have SO much power?!?!?

The next question Byron Katie asked was;nbsp;

Who would you be in any situation without the thought, "You are not doing enough?"nbsp;

I heard I would be fully present, a clear witness, completely free to provide support in love, guided by wisdom, which is, of course, living up to my potential!nbsp;

How do you define potential? Is it doing, doing, doing, or is it about being present and aware, and following your next intuitive hit?nbsp;

dōTERRA Essential Oil to support you on your journey:

Hope essential oil addresses the feeling of being unloved, unworthy, abandonment, and shame. It encourages optimism that this too shall pass and heal if you so desire and better days are ahead if you so choose

There is a way out of the darkest times.nbsp;

You are the light that you have been looking for and waiting for!nbsp;

Tap into that! Feel into that! You ARE it!nbsp;

Reach inside and feel the Truth at the core of your being. Hope will help soothe and support you in the process of opening to what is real. nbsp;


India Arie I Am Light

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