Exciting News!

I am SO excited! September is a fabulous month for great events. First, at the end of the month I will be hosting FREE Facebook 5-Day Challenge Change Your Mind Change Your Life! Everyone knows that a new perspective is invaluable and can have a profound impact on your quality of life. In just a few minutes daily I will guide you to a new frame of reference.

Next, is the dōTERRA Convention September 10-12 and it will be practical and very informative.

The first night kicks off all the new products for dōTERRA this year and it's always exciting!

Also, who doesn't want to learn more about our immune system these days? 

dōTERRA recently hired the doctor who was the top infectious disease doctor in Utah. He will be discussing what the immune system is at our upcoming convention.nbsp;

He will be followed by Dr Hill talking about the cycle of immunity to see exactly why OnGuard is the powerhouse that it is and how to use it.nbsp;

Dr Nicole Stevens will talk about how essential oils effect our DNA by exploring essential oils and genetic expression as she shares groundbreaking research.nbsp;

This is only a small bit of what will be shared at convention.

It's not too late to sign up!!! Check it out!!!

Also, the dōTERRA specials of the month

I hope you join me in all the fun! Contact me at to learn more.

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