Have you ever followed the directions on your phone only to end up nowhere near your intended destination? I was tired and out of sorts, on my way to AAA, which I was told, was next to an Aldi. As I approached the store, I became anxious because my phone was telling me to go straight.
Well, I ignored the directions on my phone and turned in, only to discover it was not there. As I turned around to leave, I saw a sign that said TRUST.
I saw this as an SOS (Sign Of Spirit) telling me to chill and follow the directions, which I promptly did, and within a minute I was at my desired destination.
Are you open to this kind of synchronicity or guidance? Once you open your eyes and your heart to this kind of information, you will see it everywhere... from license plates, to songs on the radio and SO much more.
The other insight from that experience is that when I look at something from a different perspective, everything changes. I went from being stressed in my monkey-mind, to receiving a message, knowing I was on the right track and that I was not alone.

I would love to hear about your experiences!

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