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Have you ever followed the directions on your phone only to end up nowhere near your intended destination? I was tired and out of sorts, on my way to AAA, which I was told, was nex...

Unexpected message from Spirit opened the door for business success. Are you listening?

When was the last time you reflected on your personal and professional decisions? How easy is it for you to change your mind and pivot?nbsp; Generally, most people are not e...


Secret To Recognizing Messages From Your Intuition

Feeling very gloomy as I thought I needed more funds to invest in my business, I went for a walk to get some inspiration. On the way, I noticed a license plate with B844. B is my f...

It's so nice to meet you! So often, Spirit is speaking to us, and either we are too busy to see the signs, or we don't know they are signs at all. I created this blog to help point out those small signs and signatures that have blessed my life, so you can use them as the guideposts they are intended to be. Join me as I share what I have learned!