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Barbara Dooley is a gifted guide who with her skills and compassion brings you to a place-an understanding of yourself and your power. Being with her I delightfully experience those "ah ha" moments that illuminate the way to spiritual enlightenment. I highly recommend working with this talented facilitator.


Working with Barbara, I was soothed by her voice and calm, reassuring presence. I felt safe to let go of issues and was able to come to a deep realization of the root cause of the issue - and was guided to see a practical way forward from here. I feel that I have a new perspective, a lighter, brighter future as a result. Profound.

Isabell Parcell

I was in a total rut, feeling like I was spiraling out of control. Barbara was able to quiet my mind and quickly get me into some visualization exercises. She turned my focus 180° and I was able to relax and think more openly. She got me out of my head and into my heart. There was one exercise in particular that really resonated with me, and I have already used it several times since we spoke. It’s something that I can carry with me at all times and use when I need it. I am now focusing on a break through instead of a break down. I feel so blessed to have had time to work with Barbara!

Lisa R

My awareness and perspective has been nurtured and expanded. Thank you for guiding my heart and broadening my vision. Barbara, you have a beautiful gift and it has reminded me how loved, supported and watched over I am. I feel like I have been given a special glimpse and understanding into the wisdom "All your needs are already met." It was truly a joyful, affirming experience.

Tisha Hunt

Your pep talk and focus has kept me in a stable state in these last weeks before the new year. Endlessly grateful to you. I’m productive and participating in life again. A really huge shift for me.

Juliette Wallen

I have had two sessions with Barbara and WOW I feel so much better. She helped me sort through a very emotional block that even I didn't realize was there. As I stated I had two sessions with her and it has changed my entire outlook on everything. She is a blessing to have worked with and can assist anyone with a breakthrough.

Doctor Donna, DMD

I really appreciate working with you today as you ever so gently, changed my perspective completely. I have been worn down by issues that I could not get a handle on, no matter what I did, and today you got right to the heart of the issue and provided not only the insight, but a safe place for me to gracefully open up to choosing to be different by letting it all go. I am deeply grateful as this opening is huge for me and will profoundly impact my ability to receive. You are an incredibly talented facilitator and I am grateful for your wisdom and insight.

Pat Harmony


Thank you Barbara for the unexpected gift from our session. During the process I felt the powers of your natural gift, I was comfortable and felt calm, like I was home in my own body. This was very spiritual and I felt an inner release of something that I didn't know I needed to release. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with me.

Susan Delano Swim