Hold your horses!!!

Ugh! Have you ever felt like you were on a roll, knowing what you want and going for it, only to have someone tell you to hold your proverbial horses? How frustrating is that?!! Seriously, it’s annoying.  When I am at my best, I feel like I am a riderless wild white stallion, running freely in a wide-open expanse at top speed, my mane flying beautifully like a flag on a windy day, soaring through life. I almost feel immortal, as though nothing could stop me.   Yet, at times, I let the opinions of others stop my high spirited gallop.   Why would someone say STOP?   Does their opinion matter?  Is their intention pure of heart, or does it feel as though there is something attached to it?  All that matters is that you tap into your Wisdom. That’s the only opinion that counts.  So, if someone tells you to slow down or gives you any kind of advice, solicited or not, check inside and see if it resonates with you. If it feels right, you know it’s legitimate, and time to consider your options. If not, carry on my friend, always taking your cue from Spirit as to your best next step.   When I was preparing for college, my dad asked what my intended major was. I quickly replied, teaching. His advice came unsolicited and shattered my world. He told me not to major in teaching, as there would be no jobs when I got out. I followed his advice contrary to my more profound knowing and felt lost in college. His intention was good, but his input was unbalanced as it only took into account the projected financial conditions at the time, not who I was or what my natural talents brought to the table.   I have also lived through seasons of life, profoundly desiring to move forward, yet feeling as though something was not right. No one was stopping me, yet it felt like I was facing a closed door. There are many reasons for this. I consider Divine Timing in the grand scheme of things. Perhaps, essential people and details still needed to be lined up. Maybe I was not quite ready yet, and having it now would have been a distraction or cause more pain in the long run. The list is endless, but the key here is to keep checking in with your intuition and guidance to make sure you are on the right track. If you are on course, regardless of timing, the desired result is yours. Living in the feelings of already having it, is like adding rocket fuel to your dream. Keep choosing it again and again, while feeling your core desired feeling. I enjoy feeling the relief of having it, combined with joy and freedom. This process is a collaboration between you and Spirit. Yet, there’s a lot you can do to make it happen, just stay tuned in, and have fun in the process! You’ll know what’s best.  dōTERRA Essential Oil to support you in your journey: 
Birch is the Oil of Support in the book Emotions and Essential Oils book. If you are feeling attacked or unsupported by loved ones, Birch offers strength to move ahead with flexibility, allowing you to no longer follow the path, but to “go where there is no path and leave a trail.”  Ralph Waldo Emmerson
Birch is only available through dōTERRA when you go to their annual convention in Utah typically held in September. 


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Lots of love to you and may you be blessed on your journey. Beaming, Barbara
Barbara's passion is to inspire people who are ready to live life on their own terms, recognizing they can have what they want, and are willing to do what it takes to realize their dreams, knowing the best is yet to come! She loves to activate and enhance the gifts of all of she connects with, celebrating the differences and uniqueness of every individual soul. Barbara is an Amazon best- selling author, Consulting Hypnotist, teacher amp; speaker, doTERRA Wellness Advocate and Clarity Consultant amp; Catalyst for Change, having fun in this adventure called life. Her passion is inviting people to live joyfully, and in good health, while no longer settling for the expectations others have set forth. Her life experiences have given her the most valuable wisdom and knowledge she shares today. She also holds a degree with honors in Managerial Psychology, is a Certified Consulting Hypnotist through the National Guild of Hypnotists, with focused training in Emotional Freedom Technique, Neuro Linguistic Programming, and A Course in Relationship, as well as many other energy modalities. She uses a creative approach to suit each individual, and often uses doTERRA essential oils, Expressive Arts, EFT and so much more.

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